Tape ins

SEISETA's Tape-In Extensions collection enables a full hair extension application in merely 20 minutes, allowing for highlights, ombre, or color effects without needing specialized equipment. Additionally, they can boost volume by up to 60%. Crafted by skilled artisans at the company's headquarters, these Tape Ins utilize 100% high-quality Remy hair to deliver an unmatched product to customers. The distinctive bean-shaped stem of this hair type contributes to its strength and fullness, providing a voluminous and silky texture.


Product line
  • Tape in extensions offer a quick, 20-minute application for a full head, enabling highlights, ombre, rooted, or color effects without machinery. The classic color range ensures natural outcomes in shades from deep black and brown to light blond.

    • 1B. Black
    • 2. Dark Brown
    • 4. Brown
    • 6. Light Brown
    • 8. Natural Dark Blond
    • 10. Dark Blond Ash
    • 12. Gold Blond Copper
    • 14. Light Golden Blond Copper
    • 27. Tobacco Blond
    • 32. Mahogany Brown
    • 35. Deep Red
    • 530. Deep Dark Red
    • 130. Light Blond Copper Red
    • 24. Ash Blond
    • 20. Ultra Light Blond
    • 1001. Platinum Blond
    • DB2. Golden Light Blond
    • DB3. Golden Blond
    • DB4. Dark Golden Blond
    • 1002. Very Light Ash Blond
    • 1003. Ultra Light Golden Platinum Blond
    • 1004. Ultra Light Platinum Blond
    • 1005. Nordic Platinum Blond
    • 1006. Silver
    • 4/14M. Brown / Light Golden Blond Copper
    • 6/27M. Light Brown / Tobacco Blond
    • 18/24M. Blond / Ash Blond
    • 12/DB2M. Gold Blond Copper / Golden Light Blond
    • 27/140M. Tobacco Blond / Platinum Blond
    • 140M. Gold Blond / Light Blond
  • Tape in hair extensions offer an effortless way to achieve color effects without the need for specific machinery. The lively crazy color range caters to those desiring distinctive looks without chemical treatments.

    • BLUE/59
    • TURQUOISE/60
    • LILAC/61
    • NEW PURPLE/64
    • RED/66
    • FUCHSIA/67
    • RED VIOLET/62
    • VIOLET/63
    • PINK/68
  • Tape in hair extensions offer a swift, machine-free application process. The ombre color line caters to those seeking to achieve gradual lightening from roots to ends, providing a natural transition without the need for harsh chemical treatments.

    • 1B/1006O. Black / Silver
    • 4/14O. Brown / Light Golden Blond Copper
    • 6/27O. Light Brown / Tobacco Blond
    • 8/DB4O. Natural Dark Blond / Dark Golden Blond
    • 10/20O. Dark Blond Ash / Ultra Light Blond
    • 4/1001O. Brown / Platinum Blond
    • 4/12 O. Brown / Gold Blond Copper
    • 8/1004 O. Natural Dark Blond / Ultra Light Platinum Blond
    • 10/1004 O. Dark Blond Ash / Ultra Light Platinum Blond
  • Tape in hair extensions enable a quick and easy application without machinery. Rooted colors are perfect for creating natural-looking contrast in hair. These extensions start with dark roots extending 3 cm, seamlessly blending into lighter, vibrant shades along the lengths and ends.

    • 4/12 R. Brown / Gold Blond Copper
    • 4/1001 R. Brown / Platinum Blond
    • 8/DB4 R. Natural Dark Blond / Dark Golden Blond
    • 8/1004 R. Natural Dark Blond / Ultra Light Platinum Blond
    • 10/1004 R. Dark Blond Ash / Ultra Light Platinum Blond
Re-Usable up to 3 times Re-Usable up to 3 times
Single Drawn System Single Drawn System
Cuticles Intact Cuticles Intact
Silicones free Silicones free
3D Colors 3D Colors
Bond size 1.5 x 0.3 in. Bond size 1.5 x 0.3 in.


Tape-in hair extensions stand out for their reusability and remarkably swift application process. A comprehensive application can be effortlessly completed in about 20 minutes, with removal being just as efficient, using specialized products and tools that preserve the integrity of the client's natural hair. However, the skillful application and removal of tape-in extensions necessitate the expertise of a professional hairstylist.

At SEISETA, our Tape-In Hair Extensions, along with our entire product line, are exclusively made from Remy natural hair. This ensures the hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction, promoting a durable application, impeccable appearance, and straightforward upkeep.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond just our choice of hair. SEISETA abstains from using harsh acids or chemical treatments that could compromise the hair's natural structure and beauty. In the combing and blending process, our craftsmen employ precise, proprietary techniques developed by SEISETA, aimed at producing hair that is not only strong and healthy but also luminous and smooth to the touch. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees our tape-in hair extensions offer unparalleled quality and performance, enhancing the natural beauty of the hair without causing damage.

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