Keratin Fusion

SEISETA's Keratin Hair Extensions are crafted with 100% Remy Hair, emphasizing impeccable quality through advanced keratin fusion technology. These extensions are distinguished by their robust and voluminous nature, attributed to a unique bean-shaped stem, ensuring a silky touch and natural appearance. Designed for seamless blending, our keratin extensions offer a damage-free application, promoting hair health alongside professional, high-quality results. Ideal for achieving luxurious, enduring styles, SEISETA merges style with sophisticated keratin fusion techniques for an effortlessly flawless look.


Product line
100% High Quality Remy Hair 100% High Quality Remy Hair
Single drawn system Single drawn system
Cuticles intact Cuticles intact
Silicones free Silicones free
3D colors 3D colors
Long lasting application Long lasting application


Keratin bond extensions, a premium hair lengthening solution, utilize a high-quality keratin compound for secure attachment to the client's natural hair. This method, known for its safety and effectiveness, allows for a myriad of styling options, including lengthening, volumizing, and color enhancements, without compromising the integrity of natural hair.

Embodying the pinnacle of professional hair extensions, keratin fusion hair extensions guarantee a customized, durable style along with unparalleled industry quality. The resilience and strong bond of keratin extensions make them an ideal choice for individuals with an active lifestyle, offering a seamless and robust application that withstands various activities.



Keratin fusion extensions are not just about achieving longer hair; they offer the versatility to transform the look of medium-length or short hair without the need for harsh chemical treatments. Opting for keratin extensions is a commitment to a high-quality, enduring style, appealing to those who demand the best in keratin hair extensions.

Discover SEISETA's extensive collection of keratin fusion extensions designed for professionals, and elevate your hairstyling game. Embrace the transformative power of keratin bond extensions and achieve the exquisite, lasting look you desire.

The diversity in color options with keratin bond extensions is impressive, ranging from dark to light shades, cool tones, meches, crazy colors, ombre, and rooted variations. This wide palette not only allows wearers to express their unique style but also stay in sync with changing fashion trends.

At the heart of SEISETA's success is a harmonious combination of cutting-edge technology, decades of tradition, and deep-seated expertise. With over 40 years in the industry, SEISETA has perfected the art of creating hair extensions that are a testament to innovative design and artisanal excellence.

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