100% Remy Hair: The best in the World


There are different types of Hair that differs in structure, possibility of treatment and adaptability. Unlike the European and Asian, Russian and Indian Hair are very strong and have a structure that immediately gives mass and volume to any type of Hair.

The Remy quality is characterized by the presence of cuticles all facing the same direction, exactly as for our Hair. This allows to always maintain the natural strength of the Hair, which can be treated for the creation of different colors for the achievement of a perfect Hair Extension.

The Remy quality gives an extreme pleasantness at the touch and a greater fluidity using the brush.


The non-Remy quality is typical of Hair collected in bulk, whose cuticles are not naturally aligned. It is custom among women to keep the Hair that remains in the brushes after combing and resell them. The roots and the ends of these Hair aren’t aligned, this causes a change in the natural direction of the cuticles, consequently, creates ruffling and the knotting of the Hair. To cope with this problem, this type of Hair is subjected to very aggressive treatments with acids that corrodes the cuticles, weakening the Hair and making it opaque, dry, frizzy with the presence of split ends. To hide these damages and to improve momentarily the appearance the Hair is covered with silicone-based products that fill the parts of cuticles that are not corroded by acids. The silicone, however, only last few shampoos before the Hair returns to its initial dryness completely ruffled and knotted.

For these reasons, the non-Remy quality cannot be used for the production of Hair Extensions.

Russian and Indian Hair are present in very small quantities on the market and consequently have a very high cost for a massive production.


SEISETA, during all phases of processing, does not use any acids or chemical agents that attack and ruin the Hair fibers, instead apply very accurate techniques developed by the company with the ultimate goal of getting a stronger, healthier, shinier and silkier Hair fiber.

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