Hot Fusion Tools

Elevate your hair extension services with SEISETA's premium Fusion Hair Extension Tools, designed for unmatched quality and innovation. Our comprehensive collection enables professionals to apply keratin hair extensions seamlessly using keratin bonding techniques. Perfect for hot fusion welding and hair extensions heat fusion, our tools ensure a safe, precise application. The lineup features essential tools for assembly and disassembly, such as keratin bond remover and keratin extensions pliers, complemented by accessories like scalp protectors for complete care. The standout EVO tool boasts an ergonomic design and a digital LCD for monitoring melting temperatures and timing, guaranteeing optimal results and efficiency in every application.

Product line

Keratin Fusion Tools

Introducing SEISETA's elite Fusion Hair Extension Tools, the epitome of professional quality and groundbreaking innovation in the realm of hair extensions. Crafted for experts in the industry, our extensive suite of tools, including the highly acclaimed keratin bond tool and keratin fusion tool, revolutionizes the application process of hair extensions through keratin bonding. These tools are indispensable for executing hot fusion welding and hair extensions heat fusion with unparalleled precision and safety.
Our collection extends to a full range of accessories essential for both the assembly and disassembly of hair extensions. This includes the indispensable keratin bond remover and keratin extensions pliers, ensuring that professionals have everything they need to manage hair extensions from start to finish. Additionally, we offer protective accessories like scalp protectors to enhance client comfort and safety during the application process.
The crown jewel of our collection is the EVO tool, renowned for its ergonomic design that promises smart and comfortable use. This advanced tool is equipped with a digital LCD display, a feature that sets it apart by allowing professionals to precisely control the melting temperature and timing for the keratin bonds. This level of control is crucial for achieving the best possible results, ensuring that each extension is applied with maximum efficiency and professional finish.
SEISETA's commitment to innovation and quality is evident in every tool we offer, designed to meet the high demands of professional hair extension specialists. By providing a comprehensive set of tools and accessories for keratin bonding, hot fusion welding, and hair extensions heat fusion, we empower professionals to deliver exceptional results with every application. Our tools not only facilitate a seamless application process but also ensure the longevity and beauty of hair extensions, satisfying clients and enhancing the reputation of professionals in the competitive beauty industry.

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