Invisible Clip Ins

SEISETA's Invisible Clip-Ins leverage the groundbreaking "B-Cover" technology, a SEISETA exclusive that replicates natural hair growth from the root for utterly invisible clip-in hair extensions. These cutting-edge extensions can be applied easily to both the crown's top and front and traditional head positions.
The clip system simplifies both application and removal, making it quick, effortless, and secure. Invisible Clip-In Hair Extensions boost volume by up to 60%, enabling the creation of highlights, ombre, and color effects without relying on harsh chemicals. Transform your hair's color, volume, and length in just minutes with a few simple steps. With SEISETA's vast range of shades, achieve endless color combinations for truly personalized, unique effects.


Product line
100% Natural Remy Hair 100% Natural Remy Hair
Re-Usable Re-Usable
Single Drawn System Single Drawn System
Cuticles intact Cuticles intact
Silicones free Silicones free
3D Colors 3D Colors
Bond length 3.15 x 0.3 in. Bond length 3.15 x 0.3 in.
Ultra-thin flexible structure Ultra-thin flexible structure


The traditional clip-in hair extension system is prized for its speedy and adaptable application process. However, it's often criticized for its bulkiness and the challenge of concealing the clips. SEISETA has revolutionized the clip-in market with its Invisible Clip-In Hair Extensions. This breakthrough design drastically minimizes the visibility of the extensions by employing mini clips, significantly smaller and slimmer than traditional ones. Moreover, SEISETA takes it a step further by ensuring each clip is seamlessly enveloped by a layer of hair extensions, rendering the attachments virtually invisible to the naked eye.

SEISETA's Invisible Clip Hair Extensions stand out not just for their discreet integration but also for their versatility. Unlike standard clip-ins, SEISETA’s extensions can be positioned higher on the scalp, facilitating a more natural blend that achieves a comprehensive effect of both color depth and volumetric enhancement. This strategic placement allows for an even distribution of volume and a seamless transition between the extensions and natural hair, offering a solution that perfectly mimics natural hair fullness and color variations.

What truly sets SEISETA’s Invisible Clip-Ins apart is the meticulous attention to detail in their creation. Each set is designed to provide a balanced and natural look, ensuring that whether you're seeking to add length, volume, or a pop of color, the result is consistently flawless and undetectable. This innovative approach to clip-in extensions means wearers can enjoy a fuller, richer hair experience without the common drawbacks of traditional systems.

For those seeking to enhance their hairstyle without compromise, SEISETA’s Invisible Clip Hair Extensions represent the pinnacle of extension technology. They promise not only the ease and flexibility of clip-ins but also an unprecedented level of discretion and natural appeal. Elevate your hair game with SEISETA’s Invisible Clip-Ins and experience a revolution in hair extensions that offers complete color and volume transformation without the visible signs of artificial enhancement.

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