SEISETA's Micro Ring Hair Extensions system introduces the world's first flat and flexible method for achieving a comfortable and natural appearance without the need for chemicals, adhesives, or hot tools during both the application and removal processes. This innovative approach to micro ring extensions allows for a quick and straightforward application, requiring only a few special micro-rings (RM), a loop tool (PM23), and an assembly/disassembly tool (PM21). Not only are these micro loops extensions remarkably durable, but they can also be reused multiple times, up to 3-4 times, by simply replacing the worn rings.


Product line
  • SEISETA introduces micro ring extensions for a natural, comfortable look without chemicals or heat. Easy to apply and remove, these durable extensions can be reused up to 3-4 times. The classic color spectrum ranges from black to light blond.

    • 1B. Black
    • 2. Dark Brown
    • 4. Brown
    • 6. Light Brown
    • 8. Natural Dark Blond
    • 10. Dark Blond Ash
    • 12. Gold Blond Copper
    • 14. Light Golden Blond Copper
    • 27. Tobacco Blond
    • 32. Mahogany Brown
    • 35. Deep Red
    • 530. Deep Dark Red
    • 130. Light Blond Copper Red
    • 24. Ash Blond
    • 20. Ultra Light Blond
    • 1001. Platinum Blond
    • DB2. Golden Light Blond
    • DB3. Golden Blond
    • DB4. Dark Golden Blond
    • 1002. Very Light Ash Blond
    • 1003. Ultra Light Golden Platinum Blond
    • 1004. Ultra Light Platinum Blond
    • 1006. Silver
    • 4/14M. Brown / Light Golden Blond Copper
    • 6/27M. Light Brown / Tobacco Blond
    • 18/24M. Blond / Ash Blond
    • 12/DB2M. Gold Blond Copper / Golden Light Blond
    • 27/140M. Tobacco Blond / Platinum Blond
    • 140M. Gold Blond / Light Blond
  • SEISETA revolutionizes hair styling with micro ring extensions, featuring an easy apply/remove system using special rings and tools. Their vibrant crazy color line offers lively shades for unique, chemical-free looks.

    • BLUE/59
    • TURQUOISE/60
    • LILAC/61
    • NEW PURPLE/64
    • RED/66
    • FUCHSIA/67
    • PINK/68
  • SEISETA leads with micro ring i-tips extensions for a natural, comfortable style without chemicals or heat. The system's ease of use, needing only micro-rings, a loop, and a tool for application/removal, pairs with its durability. The ombre line offers a gradual lightening effect from roots to ends, achieving vibrant transitions without chemicals.

    • 1B/1006O. Black / Silver
    • 4/14O. Brown / Light Golden Blond Copper
    • 6/27O. Light Brown / Tobacco Blond
    • 8/DB4O. Natural Dark Blond / Dark Golden Blond
    • 10/20O. Dark Blond Ash / Ultra Light Blond
    • 4/12 O. Brown / Gold Blond Copper
    • 8/1004 O. Natural Dark Blond / Ultra Light Platinum Blond
    • 10/1004 O. Dark Blond Ash / Ultra Light Platinum Blond
  • SEISETA offers micro ring i-tip extensions for a chemical-free, comfortable style. Easy to apply with just micro-rings, a loop, and a tool, these durable extensions feature rooted colors with dark bases fading into lighter tips for a natural transition.

    • 4/12 R. Brown / Gold Blond Copper
    • 4/1001 R. Brown / Platinum Blond
    • 8/DB4 R. Natural Dark Blond / Dark Golden Blond
    • 8/1004 R. Natural Dark Blond / Ultra Light Platinum Blond
    • 10/1004 R. Dark Blond Ash / Ultra Light Platinum Blond
100% Natural Remy Hair 100% Natural Remy Hair
Re-Usable up to 3 times Re-Usable up to 3 times
Flat and Flexible application Flat and Flexible application
Single Drawn System Single Drawn System
Cuticles Intact Cuticles Intact
Silicones free Silicones free
3D Colors 3D Colors


Discover the elegance and simplicity of I Tips Hair Extensions, also known as Micro Loop or Micro Ring Extensions. This innovative system seamlessly blends individual strands into your natural hair without heat, chemicals, or glue. Utilizing a special Flat I Tip design, these extensions are connected with micro aluminium rings, ensuring a secure, natural-looking integration.

Micro Ring hair extensions stand out for their versatility and ease of maintenance. They're easily removable, reusable, and come in various colors to match your hair perfectly. This method not only adds length and volume but also allows for experimenting with color effects without permanent commitment.

Ideal for those seeking a durable, low-maintenance hair enhancement, Micro Ring Extensions preserve your hair's health while offering a transformation that feels as good as it looks. Experience a seamless blend and the freedom to change your style with Micro Ring Hair Extensions.

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