Weft Hair Extensions: the most customizable and versatile sewed solution

Feb 8, 2021 / Blog

the best weft hair quality indian russian extensions blond

If you're looking for a solution to have the same voluminous and flawless head of hair as you have seen in the latest post of your favorite celebrity, maybe you should think about weft hair. But is this sewed Hair Extensions solution good for your hair? Which are pros and cons in this kind of application?

Weft Hair Extensions have a different structure from a lot of other extensions technique, such as tape, fusion or iTip, indeed weft are also known as “bundle”, properly because they are often sold in one long strand of hair (or 2 long strands with different lengths), even larger than 80 inches with a weight around 100gr. Not having little strands as we have for other Hair Extensions systems, we have the chance to customize the application based on the client's needs. Every single strand made in SEISETA is created thanks to a special machine capable of realizing a weaving too small and flat to give an application impalpable to the touch. A professional hair stylist can choose for his client to apply a single weft strand along the head or to cut the bundle in small pieces making a service tailor made on the client.

How to apply weft Hair Extensions?

Weft Hair Extensions are also known as “sew in” or “beaded weft” taking these names from the application technique. Once the hair stylist decides where to apply the strand, he inserts a micro ring on natural hair to create anchor points and, thanks to these points, balancing the weight of the strand on the weight of the natural lock, he could be able to sew the strand on the head of hair. This extremely customizable technique is used a lot in the afro culture, because weft lets the chance to sew every single piece of strand on a braid, for example, so it’s extremely tailor made even for ones who have the thinnest hair, because a professional can create anchor points that don't make heavier the application.

What are the best weft hair extensions?

The final result of a weft hair extension should be always natural and the only way to have a high end not-fake look is to choose a 100% natural Remy hair. Regarding hair’s origins the only hair able to give volume immediately are the indian hair, thanks to their strong structure and silk-like finish, are the most suitable for weft hair and for hair extensions in general. Using natural hair is a plus for your hair extensions because let you treat them as you have your hair only on, making the styling and colors you want!

the best hair extensions quality remy 100 natural human hair russian

About other weft systems: natural beaded row and hand tied weft

Being a kind of very popular Hair Extensions, during the years a lot of different manufacturing and techniques were born to satisfy different needs. Hand tied weft, for example, is bound by hand and it could be applied on microbeads fixed on natural hair even on the crown. But this technique has a few anchor points so it could be “heavy” in some particular situations.

What is a skin weft?

Another popular weft application is known as “skin weft” but it is different from the traditional one because it isn’t seed but it comes with a series of tape easily applied directly on natural hair. Skin weft are also invisible because the bond mimics the natural hair growth so it could be applied also on the crown.

invisible tape hair extensions or skin weft

Are weft bad for your hair?

As every other hair extensions system it isn’t the hair extension itself to be potentially damaging for your hair, but a wrong application/removal made by not professional stylists or home made. Weft hair in particular doesn’t need hot chemicals products or hot tools so it is one of the most safe Hair Extensions system, obviously if you use bad Hair Extensions (such as Not Remy hair) or you try to remove them without a professional assistance, you could run into more than one damage for your natural roots and hair!

the best weft hair extensions

Weft extension usage and maintenance

With weft hair extensions on you can do everything you usually do with your natural hair, you should follow just a few basic rules to have your strands on the longest you can. Between the most popular questions about Hair Extensions maybe you could ask yourself if you can sleep with a sew in, or if you can wash or put your hair up with hair extension. About shampoo you should follow the same routine you have for your natural hair, so don’t wash your hair more than 2 times a week and use products created properly for Hair Extensions to make both strands and natural hair healthy, silky and soft. When you sleep or swim don’t forget to put your hair up in a braid or ponytail to prevent tangles!

shampoo and conditioner for weft hair extensions silk and soft

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