Do Hair Extensions applications ruin your hair? What is the least damaging Hair Extension method? Fallacy around hair extensions

Feb 13, 2021 / Blog

At least once in life anyone thought about a drastic hair look change, sometimes with a new hair color or with Hair Extensions, but a lot of doubts are always lying in wait: do all hair extensions damage my hair? Do extensions cause hair loss?
Over the years so many different opinions and experiences that brought a lot of people thinking about hair extensions as something really bad to stay away from. This is caused by the lack of knowledge and experience among stylists and lack of maintenance from the client side. Other voices, instead, talk about Hair Extensions as a positive system not only for the final result but because it can help to restore damaged hair. Indeed there are a huge number of women who, after using Hair Extensions have gained length after a long and stressful period of mistreating their hair with the prolonged use of heat or with frequent decolorations.

Which kind of Hair Extensions are the least damaging for hair?

The answer to this question and to all perplexities around this topic doesn’t turn around the hair quality or the application method but is focused on the hand that applies the strand!
Every Hair Extensions system as fusion, tape, iTip or weft, if they aren’t applied by a professional hair stylist can damage your hair, because it isn't’ the strand itself to be potentially damaging, but the way it is applied: a tape sticked to the wrong type of natural hair or too close to the scalp, with not enough hair to support its weight or a sewed track too tight on the scalp, for example, can cause pain, headaches or hair loss.
For this reason it’s essential that the hair stylist you choose for this service is specialized in Hair Extensions, capable of suggesting the system and the hair quality the most suitable for your natural hair. It’s essential too, avoiding any kind of problems, to entrust to a professional the removal time, because, even in this case, the do-it-yourself or wrong hands can leave bad marks!

professional hair extensions stylist

How to make Hair Extension silky and soft again: the hair care routine

Even if applied by the most experienced hair stylist, it can happen that Hair Extensions lose the smoothness they have during the first period if they don’t receive the right attention and maintenance.
You must use hair brushes with different bristles length to brush your hair daily and specific treatments created properly for Hair Extensions to restore hydration to both hair and strands. With these precautions you could hold your Hair Extensions for a very long time!

hair brush specific for hair extensions

How to recognize a professional hair stylist? Which are the application tricks to apply Hair Extensions on very short hair?

Hair Extensions let you change your hairstyle adding volume, color and length but in order that the result is full and long-lasting natural hair should be at least 8/10 cm length. When the length is under these requirements you can run the risk that the anchor point to apply the strand isn't enough. Indeed, shorter hair are, hardest to unify the separation between natural hair and strands, because the anchor points remain visible. And so Hair Extensions are reserved to those who already have long hair? Obviously not, but your entrusted hair stylist will find the best strategy to hide the trick you’re using for your new hair look, maybe using an invisible Hair Extensions system.

invisible hair extensions

Are Tape extensions bad for thin hair? Which are the best for weak hair?

In addition to offering a large range of prices and quality, different types of Hair Extensions exist because they should suit hair with various morphologies. For example, hair with a strong stem can be treated with full weft Hair Extensions, on the contrary, for a head of breakable hair it can be more comfortable using tape strands with anchor points less heavy than fusion, since tape ins can be applied also using single side labels. If you love to change your hair look maybe you should try clip extensions but, before making a decision, ask a suggestion to your stylist!

tape hair extensions are the best for thin hair

When Hair Extension can be suggest or not?

There are some situations when it is better to wait before asking for Hair Extensions services, such as if you have just now stopped doing chemical colors or discoloration and your hair is very weakened. In this case it could be better to wait until your hair gains a little bit of strength because they can't handle the weight of the Hair Extensions strands.
During the wait you should treat your hair with a healthy nutrition, including hair vitamins or supplements to fortify them from the skin and the scalp and using hair products without silicones or parabens. Following these rules in no time at all your hair will be ready to have a new look with Hair Extensions.
During pregnancy, with alopias or strong hair loss, you should think about beautiful natural hair wigs and postpone Hair Extensions to a better moment!

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