Which are the best Hair Extensions? The most natural of course!

Feb 13, 2021 / Blog

the best hair extensions quality

The choice of the right Hair Extensions depends not only from the application system but, above all, from the hair quality used to create hair strands and bundles. Each brand has his hair quality range, more or less various, but if you want to obtain a result similar to the celebrities one or something that does not differentiate from your own hair, you must choose real hair, avoiding synthetics.

How to recognize 100% Natural Remy Hair from Not-Remy?

Hair strands can be treated with a lot of methods and, based on prices and origins, you could also find hair that even if they are natural they don’t offer a natural result as well! The only natural hair capable of guaranteeing a final effect perfectly blended with natural ones are the 100% Remy hair, that is to say hair gathered in the same direction individually in order that cuticles follow exactly the same direction, as we can see for our natural hair from birth. Not-Remy hair instead don’t have this directional order and for this reason they mess up easily with a not so beautiful result! But human hair has another kind of classification based also on the origins.

how to recognize remy and not remy natural hiuman hair

Which country produces the best Hair Extensions? Are Russian hair better than Indian?

Historically there are cultures and countries that have their own natural hair of an extraordinary quality and beauty, consider for example the long and strong silky shaft of the hair of Native American that we often see in the movies… And not by chance Indian hair is the most used for high-end Hair Extensions, because they are naturally glossy, strong, silky and healthy. During the years another kind of hair gained a place of honor in the top hair quality worlds: Russian hair from eastern Europe, a real luxury concept of Hair Extensions. Russian hair with their circular stem gives volume and gleam resulting shining and soft touch. They have the peculiarity of remaining always straight so they are very easy to handle and brush, differently from the Indian that, with their bean-like stem, are wavy or curly. Moreover, from Russian hair it’s possible to reach the lightest blonde shades, hard to create with Indian hair that is darker from birth.

why russian hair are used in hair extensions

Which is the best Hair Extensions system between fusion, tape, iTip, weft and clip?

We can find different extension systems to satisfy various needs in terms of result, hair quality or application methods. The basic element to reach an extraordinary result is the Hair Extensions quality that must be always made of natural Remy hair, the only one with which you could also choose to color or cut with your natural hair.

The best hair extensions to curl or to make waves: pros and cons of Keratin fusion

Fusion (keratin) Hair Extensions is the most popular and used in the world. The average time for application it’s around 3 hours and the price at the salon is usually upon discretion of the stylist so up for consultation. For a full head of keratin Hair Extensions can be used from 100 to 200 strands and they could last up to 6 months, however fusions are not reusable.

keratin hair extensions pros and cons

Weft hair extensions: pros and cons of sew in hair

Weft Extensions are sewed by braids where hair strands are linked and they could last 2/3 months based on the natural hair growth. Nowadays Weft are applied using micro-links as base then the tracks are sewed onto the beads line. Hair tracks sewed could be also reused but it’s necessary to take care of the roots of the strand during the drying because the weft could remain wet. The price is really affordable, 200/250€ circa, and the application time is around 2 hours.
Weft hair is heavier than other extensions methods, divided by little strands, therefore a curl styling can’t last so long even if anyone will notice that you have Hair Extensions on. Indeed if wefts are applied by a professional stylist the result will be very natural!

weft hair extensions pros and cons

The best Hair Extensions solution to change look quickly and often: only pros of clip system

Clip Hair Extensions have the easiest and quick application method, sure enough you just need good manual skills and patience and the result could be amazing and unexpected! They can be removed by the end of the day in just a few seconds and, if they are well preserved, they can last for a lot of years, for these reasons they are the most practical and affordable solution. The INVISIBLE Hair Extensions made by SEISETA, especially, are totally invisible, created not to add weight to natural hair, they offer the largest color range, including the craziest one such as blue, hot pink or purple, and they are the best solution to change hair look without damage your hair with chemical.

clip hair extensions pros and cons

Tape Hair Extensions: the best compromise for result, price and application time

In just 30/60 minutes it’s possible to apply a full head of tape in Hair Extensions and, treated as they deserve, they could last up to 2 months. This type of extension is available in strands of 4cm width so for a fuller result you need a fewer amount of strand if compared with other systems. For example, a professional hair stylist can accomplish a service with 6/8 packs of SEISETA Sticker Hair Extensions, adding color, volume and length in just 20 minutes!

tape hair extensions pros and cons

Which extensions last the longest?

Each Hair Extension type has a different duration average, for sure fusions have the best result during the time (up to 6 months) and they can be customized as well as tape in, but strands aren’t reusable. Systems such as tape or iTip (flat ring on) can last 2 months and they can be applied again. Instead clip Hair Extensions, well treated, can last forever with the advantage of being applied and removed independently anytime you want.
The most important things to remember when you are wearing Hair Extensions is:
- Avoid to use hair dryer too hot and too close to the roots
- Do not wash and rub your hair with head upside down
- Brush your hair every day and night gently with specific hair brush
- Apply a mask and shampoo helping to prevent strands dehydration, especially if they are colored.

specific treatments shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions

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