Bridal Hair Extensions ideas: braids, hair bun, ponytails and the best hairdos!

Jul 16, 2021 / Blog

Are you worried because you don’t know which kind of hairstyle suits you best for your wedding day? Are you looking for the best solution for your short hair? Should you wear extensions for your wedding?

Keep calm and plan your big day without struggling with your hair!

The best Hair Extensions solution for bridal 

You dreamed about your wedding day for such a long time but now that it’s time to celebrate your “happy ever after” you see your hair short and thin and your hairstylist can’t create your special hairdo on your natural hair. Before you start to cry, breathe and think at SEISETA and your hair dream comes true immediately.

Your hairstylist indeed is capable of giving you flowing hair thanks to SEISETA Hair Extensions and you can also decide to try a different hair color from the one you always had and make a huge change for your big day without stress for your natural hair!

Which hairdo can you do with Hair Extensions for your wedding?

First of all you need to decide which kind of hairstyle suits your wedding dress and once you have the idea in your mind you can start to build a new head ready to have the amount of hair enough to create any kind of hairdo.

If you are a romantic maybe you could choose an extra long, messy and bold braid with flowers or stones inside, and in this case to achieve the volume needed to create a beautiful braid you need some bundle of SEISETA Hair Extensions!

Credits: hairby_natalie

For a half up half down hair look, SEISETA Hair Extensions are essential if you don’t have bold and voluminous natural hair. Indeed these hairstyles, even though they are the most simple to create, are also the most difficult to reach in terms of volume because even a long hair woman, but with thin straight hair, can’t achieve the bombshell look without applying SEISETA Hair Extensions.

Credits: Olga Hempshire

Having your hair half up and half down you can take advantage of the Hair Extensions installation to change your hair color, adding lights using a color lighter than your natural one or darker. You can also use ombre Hair Extensions and create gorgeous gradients effect and make your hair do even more particular without bleaching your hair, especially if you don’t like or don’t want to use chemicals on your hair and you don’t want to venture in damaging hair experience properly for your wedding day! 

Credits: Olga Hempshire

Bride messy bun is another hairdo easy to recreate and also in this case is necessary to apply a fake bun or, to achieve a really voluminous style use SEISETA Hair Extensions! For up hairdo where hair isn't loose you can also decide to apply the amount of strand enough just for the hairdo and have them removed once the party is over. Instead, if you have half down hair or you want to maintain your new hair look you need a full head installation.

Clip-Ins Hair Extensions for bridal hairdo

Based on your natural hair health you and your hairstylist can decide the application system the most suitable for you. Clip-ins Hair Extensions are very easy and quick to apply and can be placed the same day of your wedding. Additionally you can re-use hair strands anytime you want and apply them by yourself on your honeymoon or in every other situation when you desire to have gorgeous hairstyles.

Clip-ins Hair Extensions are one of the best investments you can do for your wedding because they are something that you can reuse for years and strands will be with you for much longer than the wedding dress will last!

The best Hair Extensions systems for bridal hair look

If you prefer to maintain the hair result you create for your wedding you can choose to apply Tape-Ins, Weft, Fusion or i-Tip Hair Extensions. In these cases you’ll have hair with extreme volume and length for months without re-applying them on the honeymoon!

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