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Best COOL BLONDE Hair Extensions Keratin/Hot Fusion, Clip In, Tape In, I Tip, Fusion and Weft

Summer is here: this is the season to have gorgeous COOL blonde hair! 

Spice up with this summer vibes platinum blonde color and get a stunning look if you are up for a glowing and attractive new hairstyle. Find with us with the best blonde Hair Extensions made in Italy with 100% Remy Human Hair in Keratin/Hot-Fusion, Clip In, Tape In, I-Tip and Weft application systems!

Bleaching your hair is not a smart move! The process of lightening or bleaching hair is irreversibly damaging for your hair, regardless of its texture. Bleach changes the hair’s texture because it swells the cuticles: if your hair is super-fine, it may look fuller because of the bleach effect, but it will still be dry.

Even with coarse hair, bleach will give your hair dryness and more porosity, so it will hold more water when it is wet, which will increase blow-drying time and so more dryness.

SEISETA uses very accurate and gentle techniques to lift the color from the primal source, achieving the coolest blondes ever seen in the history of Hair Extensions.

In the range of the SEISETA’S colors 1001-1002-1003-1004-1005, with a variety from buttery blonde to the most cool and ashy tones, you will find the perfect shade of platinum blond that suits you better. 

Bleaching is a huge commitment to deep conditioning, to touch-up appointments, to a longer styling time and to a most likely irreversibly damaged hair. SEISETA Hair Extensions however, if professionally done and well taken care of, it is the perfect temporary solution to a complete transformation of your hair style without any damage.

It doesn’t matter if you have natural blonde hair shades or if you get them with the help of your hairstylist, With SEISETA Hair Extensions you can always achieve a brand-new hair color without bleaching and damaging your natural hair.  You just have to choose your ideal Cool Blonde from SEISETA Hair Extensions color chart and the application system you prefer to be gorgeous with your coolest hair style!

What results can you achieve with Cool Blonde colors?

Cool blonde, especially icy blonde, can enlighten and give a beautiful light to the face and you a heavenly look that could drastically change your appearance. From some peekaboo’s Clips to angelically frame your face to a more professional full immersion into Hair Extensions applications, SEISETA has flavors for every woman; you must talk to your hairstylist and see which type of application will be suitable for your needs.A perfect full blonde platinum hair needs a bit of discoloration to let your natural hair match the Hair Extensions color you’re choosing.

What shades of Cool Blonde can I get with SEISETA Hair Extensions?

SEISETA Cool Blonde are available on and at selected hair salons with 100% Remy Indian and Russian Natural Hair.

1004 - Ultra-Light Platinum Blonde

1005 - Nordic Platinum Blond

1006 - Silver Hair Extensions 

Shop blonde Hair Extensions made of 100% Human Russian Hair!

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