Everything you need to know about Keratin Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Feb 8, 2021 / Blog

Keratin hair Extensions

Keratin is the most traditional and famous Hair Extensions type but there are still a lot of myths to debunk such as: Do keratin extensions ruin your hair? Should you brush Hair Extensions when wet? Can you swim with keratin extensions? Since you approach hair extensions in general you had a chance to hear something about “glue” and “fusion” and maybe you could be confused about all these terms, especially thinking about a kind of glue to apply on your natural hair. In the most modern way to build Keratin Hair Extension, the material melted on natural hair, that you can see on the roots of hair extensions lock, even if it appears like a real glue it is in reality a spot of Keratin!

But what is Keratin? And why is it so useful in hair cosmetics?

In biology keratin is a protein known as scleroproteins composed of amino acids, vitamins and oligoelements and it is the key structural material making up hair, but also nails and body hair. This is the reason why it’s so common to read about Keratin Treatments when you are at the salon or when you are looking for a solution to restore your natural hair. Indeed Keratin shampoo, conditioners and professional services including this special natural element are so powerful for having beautiful and healthy hair, without split ends. Keratin Hair Extensions have on the root of the strands a keratin nail, that is a special  hot melt polyamide with a high water and stress endurance, respectful for natural hair.

what means keratin in professional hair extensions applications

What does “fusion” mean in Keratin Hair Extensions installation?

The reason why Keratin Hair Extensions are the most famous type, even if in 2020 there are a lot of different kinds of methods, it’s that they are really gentle to natural hair especially because the adhesive used to apply a strand on natural hair is a natural element: the keratin. Every single lock has a small amount of keratin on the root tips which is applied on the natural lock melting that keratin tip by using a double heat pole machine so it is perfectly blended with your natural hair. Following the same technique these Hair Extensions are easy to remove by a professional hair stylist, melting the bonds by using a specific solution and sliding off the strand without any damage to your hair.

Do keratin extensions ruin your hair? How to apply them without damages

It is necessary to find a professional hair stylist, specialized in Keratin Hair Extensions application, to have an amazing result and also healthy natural hair after removalIt is not necessarily the Hair Extensions itself that ruin your hair, as much as it could be damaging when not correctly or professionally applied. Keratin Hair Extensions, particularly, are the most suggested because with this system the professional can balance the weight of a single strand on the natural one where it is applied, without any stress for the hair bulb. Another way to recognize a good Keratin System is the application technique, with a flat application, hair remains straight and parallel to the scalp and they can be easily removed. When keratin is applied with a rolled method, hair tends to get tangled creating traction, tension on the roots and they can easily break natural hair during removal!

Which are the best keratin Hair Extensions?

When you decide to change your hair color or you want hair longer than your natural ones you must ask suggestions to your hair stylist just to be sure of the right Hair Extensions type based on your natural hairOnce you decide with your reliable hair stylist for Keratin Extensions, to have the most mesmerizing final result you should choose Russian or Indian Hair. The only kind of natural hair is amazingly smooth, silky and naturally bright, soft at the touch with a unique luxurious finish! Stay away from Not-Remy hair because it lasts just for one shampoo, and you risk waisting hours for application and money, so be suspicious of who wants to apply Keratin Hair Extension made of fake hair or low quality hair.

How many keratin extensions do I need for a full head? How much does it cost?

Your hairstylist can apply a full head of extensions in 3 hours with an amount that varies from 100/150 strands of Remy hair locks, it depends on the density and the thickness of your hair etc. This type of extension is not reusable!

which are the best keratin hair extensions? How many strand I need for a full head?

Keratin Hair Extensions Maintenance Tips: do, don’t and FAQ

In this section we answer the frequently asked questions about Keratin: How long do keratin extensions last?  Can you curl keratin Hair Extensions? Can you swim with keratin extensions? Can I wash hair everyday with extensions? Should you brush Hair Extensions when wet? Keratin Hair Extensions can last up to 6 months and if a little maintenance is done correctly it will be an amazing experience. Once you have your new hair extensions on, with more length and volume, you should start following/avoiding different hair care step everyday:

which are the best products for hair extensions care?

- Do not wash your hair everyday, two times a week is enough!
- Do not wash your hair with head upside down
- Do not use greasy and oily products because they can soften the keratin bond and make them fall (except for products specifically suggested for keratin hair extensions)
- Use only Hair Extensions Detangler Brushes
- Do not use a hair dryer too hot or too close to the scalp and bonds or irons without a heat protector, you can curl or flatten them but do not exceed in the use of the heat.
- Don’t forget to tie your hair in a low ponytail or a braid when you’re going to swim
- Schedule periodical appointment with your hair stylist to clean and untangle the bonds and your natural hair grows

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