The revolution of Invisible Hair Extensions in hairstyle: Clip, Tape and Weft

Feb 8, 2021 / Blog

the best invisible hair extensions for thin hair - application for professional hair stylist step

The latest trends show us amazing hairstyles, everyday with new crazy or natural colors, more voluminous and longer than ever, and the only secret behind these looks are the Invisible Hair Extensions. For years Hair Extensions have been the trick under celebrities' frequents look transformations, one day with a blonde bob and the day after like Rapunzel in hot pink hair, and we know that this is not child-like mother nature, but the outcome of magical hairstylist hands with super powerful and luxurious Hair Extensions.
But today this isn’t something reserved to the star system anymore, because it’s possible to change your look every time you want at your own home!

How to change hair colors and increase volume and length without using chemicals?

There is just one road to follow if you desire to change your look quickly without ruining your hair: using safe Hair Extensions! You know that if you are a brunette and you want pink hair you must decolor your entire head to reach a great result, and even if you think to add just a highlight you must decolor half of your natural locks in any case. And if you want also to maintain the result you must re-decolor and re-apply the color you want. This could be done just for a small slot of time, before you start to see your hair become breakable, thin and frizzy. So if it’s a dream for you to have a crazy color on your hair you could opt for Invisible Hair Extensions, and your hair will thank you for this choice!

hair extensions in crazy colors like hot pink purple blue violet clip and tape remy natural human hair

What are the most invisible Hair Extensions?

The most common and traditional Hair Extensions systems like Keratin, Weft or iTip (Micro Ring), even if they are useful for a huge amount of natural hair types and needs, they have also limitation: they cannot be applied on the top part of crown because the roots of each above-mentioned techniques are visible through natural hair.

the most invisible hair extensions ever

SEISETA new Invisible Hair Extensions are the only one natural hair lock with the root totally invisible, indeed, the italian company creates the exclusive “B-cover” technology: a special system thanks to which the application mimics the natural hair growth from the root, guaranteeing a completely invisible result. And they are available in tape and clip versions as well!

invisible hair extensions applicable on the top of the crown

Invisible Hair Extensions tape: the biggest range of colors only with luxury natural hair

Made of 100% Remy hair, the Invisible Hair Extensions System by SEISETA is the highest level in Hair Extensions technique, chosen by professional hairstylists around the world for the most demanding clients, including celebrities and influencers. These innovative Hair Extensions are applicable both at the top and front of the crown and on the traditional placement of the head for a more complete color, volume and length starting from the roots. With this system strands can be customized for a micro-application and it ensures maximum comfort thanks to the ultra-thin, flexible structure and ergonomic design.

the most invisible hair extensions in the world are made in italy

INVISIBLE Hair Extensions Tape-In:
- applicable as double or single sided
- Reusable up to 5 times
- Cuticles intact
- Silicones free
- 3D colors

Invisible Hair Extensions clips and weft: change colors, volume and length in a few minutes

The clip-in version of the amazing invisible Hair Extensions allows to increase volume by 60%, creating highlights, ombre and color effects without the use of chemicals, in just a few minutes following very simple application steps performed at home too! With the clip-in system you can also choose to create amazing color effects, using different colors or gradients, even using just 4 or 5 locks applied on the crown, or if you want a big volume add more locks to reach the hair of your dream in no time at all! Invisible Extensions are available also in the Skin Weft version, with a double layer of hair on a flexible band with 3 Clips upward which allows an Invisible and secure application starting right at the root.

the best invisible hair extensions clip

Are invisible extensions bad for your hair? How do you remove them?

If you choose to apply tape-in invisible extensions you should ask to a professional hairstylist to ensure the health of your natural hair, but if you want to apply clip invisible extensions at your home, follow all the application steps and you cannot risk anything about your natural hair because it is an extremely safe system, even if you’re at your first experience with clip Hair Extensions!

clip hair extensions the best quality of natural human remy hair indian and russian

Which are the best invisible Hair Extensions?

For the greatest result use the greatest hair, this is the rule! Invisible Hair Extension could be called in this way for the innovative technology first but also because they are made of only 100% natural hair, and not “common” natural hair. The tape in system is available in Russian Hair, the rarest and precious type of hair in the world, smooth and silky, capable of achieving very light shades of blond, from Scandinavian blond to the natural white blond! SEISETA, for its Hair Extensions production, also uses Indian Hair of 100% Remy quality, soft and silky feel to the touch, characterized by the particular bean shape stem, which makes them strong and full-bodied.

invisible hair extensions before and after

How long do invisible tape extensions last?

Invisible Tape Hair Extensions have the big feature to be reusable up to 5 times, so if it stays on your head for up to 2 month you can re-apply them again and again with a huge benefit if you compare them with other Hair Extension Systems. Instead if you want to apply and remove invisible strands every time you want, choose the Clip system!

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