Hair Beauty Trends

Jun 3, 2021 / Hair Beauty Trends

Pink hair extensions: ombre trend, mermaid color, pastel and light

Do you want to drastically change your hair color but you don't want to stress your natural hair with bleaching or chemicals dyes? The only  solution to reach an amazing result with extraordinary before and after effect that can surprise anyone is a professional Hair Extensions application.

In the latest years we’ve seen social media channels full of gorgeous pink hair in differents shades, from the lightest pastel pink to the brightest fuchsia and magenta hair colors and you can get the same results  applying the most suitable Hair Extensions for your natural hair, you only have to decide  the effect  you want to obtain!

Thanks to SEISETA’s modern technology, which allows you to change  hair color just with a few Hair Extensions strands, also applying them  from the top crown, it’s possible to have a brand new hair look whenever you want in a few minutes.

Hair color change is possible with different SEISETA application systems such as Fusion Hair Extensions, the most popular  system, Flat-Tip, Invisible Tape-In, Classic Tape-In also available in the luxury Russian quality. These are systems that need to be applied by a professional hairstylist and tailor-made on the client's desired  result.

But with the newest SEISETA Invisible Clip-In system it’s also possible to create special results at home, even combining different shades of pink to create different effects based on the head area you want to place color, and removing them at the end of the day or after a special event.

Hair Extensions with pink ombre color: brunette with a touch of pink and fuchsia 

The most popular hair transformations made by SEISETA hair stylists around the world are  amazing gradients created on brunette girls adding pastel pink, fuchsia or lilac Hair Extensions strands.

From usual blonde to pink and funny blonde hair look

Pink is the most loved color to add a touch of fun on a traditional blonde head, but sometimes could result quite  usual and without any distinctive features. With SEISETA pink shades any blonde head can change its routine allure becoming really gorgeous and, thanks to the SEISETA silky finish of the 100% Remy Indian and Russian hair quality, it will seem to be realized  by a celebrity hairdresser! 

50 shades of pink, magenta and fuchsia for eccentric hair look

The most creative hair colors are always the ones that  dare the most and with pink shades it’s easy, for hair masters, to create extremely special  pink gradients. 

A beautiful hair ombre color that starts from a mauve pink ending  with the lightest pastel pink or, for bright colors lover, a mix of gradients  from the brightest magenta shades, including purple and violet highlights, with warm light pink on the hair tips, are just some examples of what you can get with Hair Extensions.

Full pastel pink hair color and bright fuchsia/magenta head look

If you want to become a modern mermaid with an enviable shocking pink brights full head  in just one session, you could  choose  SEISETA fuchsia  hair extensions strands to easily achieve  an extremely voluminous, extra long and colorful hairstyle.

The most romantic and dreamy look could be obtained instead by coloring some SEISETA icy blonde hair extensions strands with pink or lilac color dye,  for a perfect pastel tone  ideal for the spring season or for a fantastic photo shoot!

SEISETA Hair Extensions pink shades range

On you can find  pink shades  such as pastel pink (PINK), bright pink (LILAC), hot pink (FUCHSIA), cool purple magenta (RED VIOLET) and other amazing colors as vivid violet (VIOLET), deep purple (NEW PURPLE) and red intense (RED).