Flat Ring-On hair extensions system is the first flat and flexible application system in the world used to obtain a comfortable and natural look without using chemicals, adhesives or hot tools for both application and removal of hair strands. SEISETA Flat Ring-On can be applied in a simple and fast way, it only requires few special micro-rings (RM), a loop tool (PM23) and an assembly/disassembly tool (PM21). These extensions are also very durable and can be reused up to 3-4 times by simply changing worn rings.


100% Natural Remy Hair 100% Natural Remy Hair
Re-Usable up to 3 times Re-Usable up to 3 times
Flat and Flexible application Flat and Flexible application
Single Drawn System Single Drawn System
Cuticles Intact Cuticles Intact
Silicones free Silicones free
3D Colors 3D Colors
Product line
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