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Flat Ring-On - Crazy Colors - Fuchsia

Micro ring i-tips - Crazy Colors

SEISETA revolutionizes hair styling with micro ring extensions, featuring an easy apply/remove system using special rings and tools. Their vibrant crazy color line offers lively shades for unique, chemical-free looks.

Available in 10 pcs pack of 16/18 and 20/22 in. lengths.



Volume effect: 5/6 packs
Color effect: 5/6 packs
Full head: 12/15 packs

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SEISETA revolutionizes hair extension application with its micro ring strands, employing small rings (RM), a loop tool (PM23), and an assembly/disassembly tool (PM21) for a seamless process. This system, known for its flat, innovative design, ensures a natural and comfortable appearance without the necessity for chemicals, adhesives, or heat during installation or removal.


The ability to reuse strands up to three-four times by simply replacing the micro-ring highlights SEISETA's commitment to sustainability and the unparalleled quality of 100% Remy hair. Characterized by its robust, bean-shaped stem, this hair type guarantees strength, added volume, and a silky texture for damage-free, professional outcomes.


SEISETA offers a vibrant crazy color line, ideal for those seeking to showcase unique, expressive styles without the use of chemical treatments. Each extension, meticulously handcrafted in Italy, embodies the essence of natural beauty and expert craftsmanship.


These extensions are notable for their natural Remy Hair composition, the flexibility and flatness of their application, the preservation of hair cuticles, their silicone-free makeup, and their availability in a range of vivid 3D colors, ensuring a perfect match for any individual's style.

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